published on 2012-01-19 by Angelo Lakra
Minutes from our "Hands-On" meeting at Uncubed where we had demos about StrangeCase, Tendril Connect's API, and hacking WindowsXP with Metasploit.
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published on 2011-12-15 by Angelo Lakra
Minutes from our second meeting at Uncubed where we talked about cryptography, jison, the django framework and the rails 3.1 asset pipeline.
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published on 2011-11-21 by Angelo Lakra
Minutes from our first meeting at Uncubed.
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published on 2011-08-25 by Angelo Lakra
A round of mini, 5-minute-talks were made last Thursday night about various things surrounding hacking at the Denver Hacknite Meetup.
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published on 2011-07-27 by Angelo Lakra
Last Thursday we had a special meeting about embedded hardware. A few of us brought our embedded processor gadgetry to demo. This was interesting to see, but I'm especially glad I got to meet two rather important representatives of embedded hardware companies in Denver.
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published on 2011-01-11 by Angelo Lakra
Wow. 2 more meetings have passed and no updates on the site. Sorry dudes.
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published on 2010-11-09 by Angelo Lakra
I've been a fan of IRC since the late 90s and thought it would be a good idea to bring it to the hack nite group. We now have a registered channel on irc.freenode.net called #hacknite.
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published on 2010-11-04 by Angelo Lakra
On Thursday night of last week some of my buddies and I decided it would be fun to meetup and hack on our laptop computers and drink beer. We've never really done this together outside of our work place before, but it turned out to be a lot of fun so we've decided to make it a regular thing.
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